10 Date Ideas During the Winter Season

During the winter, some people prefer to stay in the house especially if snow has fallen and the temperature has dropped below freezing. You usually have to put on too many layers and huge coat to stay warm which can be too much work to some; therefore, warranting a night in the house in your comfy clothes watching a good movie with your favorite snacks.

However, life can get a little boring and so begins the onset of cabin fever. If you are dating or married, you may be struggling with keeping the fun in your relationship alive. While “Netflix and Chill” is a potential option, there are other fun activities you can do with your spouse or the person you are dating. However, the freezing temperatures and multiple layers of clothing shouldn’t keep you from having a good time with the one you love/like.

Going to see a movie or watching Netflix while relaxing on the couch are good ideas for a date, but it can become boring and complacent. If you and your spouse are suffering from cabin fever and the roads are clear, here are a few dating ideas for the winter.

  1. Ice Skating – As soon as the temperature drops below a certain degree, the outdoor skating rinks are open. Imagine skating hand in hand with the one you are interested in or watching their amazing ice skating skills unfold right in front of you. Or the fun of trying something new with each other. Afterwards, you can grab a hot cocoa and enjoy a nice casual conversation before heading off to grab a bite to eat.
  2. Attend a Cooking/Baking Class – Choose a class that’s cooking/baking something neither of you have made such as a sushi, pasta, and/or french macron class. Or take a class making your favorite type of food such as pizza, thai, or dumplings. Then, one of you could earn bragging rights about who cooks the best thai food or makes the best pizza.
  3. See a Theater Play – Local theaters are a great place to see interesting plays performed by your local talents. If you don’t want to take a chance on a local play, then keep your eyes open for a bigger production being performed near you. Seeing a play with your significant other or potential partner could be a great conversation starter over dinner afterwards. It’s also a great way to experience something different if you haven’t attended a theater play.
  4. Visit your local Aquarium – Although it’s too cold to walk through the zoo, you can still learn and enjoy the sights of different animals and aquatic life at your local aquarium. If you are dating, you can talk about the different animals lead to learning/discovering more about the other person.
  5. Pottery making class/Painting Pottery – How fun does this sound?Pottery making allows you both to be silly and let your hair down because no one is expecting you to make the best piece of pottery. You can talk to each other about anything while being creative.
  6. Snowtubing – Take a couples trip with a group of close friends or just enjoy time together with your spouse but make sure everyone is dressed in warm clothing. If all parties are comfortable, you can record a few videos to see the funny faces made during the tubing experience or to capture memorable moments. If you are worried about food and drinks, the resorts or tubing facilities usually have indoor eateries nearby.
  7. Roller Skating – Leave the layer of clothing at home because you need to be able to move. Put your belongings in a locker and strap up your skates for a twirling, skating backwards, good music and laughter filled good time.
  8. Bowling – Most bowling alleys have a galaxy night or something similar. The black lights are activated along with good music o galaxy nights. Enjoy a good time of competitive fun. The bowling alley also has decent food and drinks but you can always get something to eat before or after the fun.
  9. Local Winter Holiday Events – There are many activities and events to celebrate the holiday season. Attending a festival of lights event can be very magically. The light shows can be breath-taking and absolutely gorgeous. Some places have opportunities for photo opts to pose with famous holiday figures such as Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer or Charlie Brown from the Peanuts.
  10. Board Game Night – Blow off the dust on those old board games to have a fun adult night. If you don’t have any board games, you can get a few from your local retail store or even order them online. There are also bigger versions of some popular games such as Jenga and Connect Four. Order some pizza or Chinese food and let the games begin. May the best player win!

Hopefully, these suggestions help you plan a fun filled night with your date or significant other. Remember dating or being in a long term relationship doesn’t have to be boring even during the winter months. Plus let’s be honest a lot of relationships start having problems because they’ve lost their spark and spontaneity. So don’t let the cold weather or freezing temperatures stop you from having the same amount of fun that you would have in the spring and the summer.

Get creative with planning your dates and think pass the movies and a dinner or “Netflix and chilling”. Even if you’ve never done something the other person finds interesting, you should still give it a try and enjoy the time spent with the other person. Plus it can actually work in your favor and get you a few brownie points with your significant other.

Do you and your significant other go on dates during the holiday months? If so, where do you like to go?

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