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Welcome to Pleasantly Grumpy Mom, and thank you for dropping in! Based out of the Washington, D.C. suburbs, Pleasantly Grumpy Mom was created to discuss the good, bad, and ugly of parenting and life. Though parenting and life is full of good moments, there are also moments where you ask yourself “what the heck just happened?”. As you find yourself asking that question, join us here, and you will find discussions, or rants about being full time working mom while trying to maintain a marriage and a life outside of the spectrum of mother and wife. Some tips and tricks are also offered to overcome the overwhelming phases of parenting and daily life. Oh, and a few DIY projects are also shared when there is time to make/complete them.

I am Leigh, the creator behind much of the content on this site. My wife, MJ, will make occasional appearances when the writing or creative spirit moves her. We work full time and are raising a very energetic two year old, KJ, who has a very busy social life. (I can’t really say the same about the two of us though.) Do not think we don’t love being moms because we cherish our son and love him dearly; we wish the unattractive side of parenting was not sugarcoated as much. So here we are to tell you about it as we experience it, and….we really look forward to you sharing your experiences with us as well!

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