…Anything is Possible…

ALL THINGS¬†REALLY ANYTHING….Other Mom Here, and the events leading up to today, and all day today compelled me to write this post.

This post is not about our current President. This post is about everything surrounding these events and the realization I had about all of this.

On Friday January 20th at 12:00PM EST, the world witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from our 44th President to the 45th President of the United Stated. This would typically be a momentous occasion, but it was definitely a bittersweet one, a somber day of sorts.

I’m a history and technology buff. A real nerd of sorts. Leigh is aware of this, and often makes fun of me for it. I’m left with the reflection of we experience only so much history in our short lives. For us, one of the biggest events being the election of the first African-American man to be the leader of the free world. This is something we were told, and many thought, would never happen. Many said the country was not ready for a black male to be the President, but it happened. An African-American man, with a dream of leading this country and effecting change, took the opportunity of a lifetime. And within that opportunity revived the Country by reducing the unemployment rate, saved the auto industry, enacted laws for marriage equality (Love you, babe), implemented programs to help our veterans, eliminated the biggest foreign enemy responsible for the largest act of domestic terrorism we have ever witnessed, among many other amazing accomplishments.

And his wife, brought such amazing style, grace, pose, and respect back to the Office of the First Lady. She saved our children by encouraging them to exercise and get healthy. She fostered healthy eating by planting gardens and speaking on the importance of clean eating. She displayed so much class by never engaging the naysayers or negativity by going high when they went low and ignoring disrespectful comments.

These two amazing individuals accomplished all of these things and more from their dreams. Dreams which they cultivated together on the Southside of Chicago, where their beginning was different from their present and where they made the most of their education and opportunities. Setting a dream and a goal, and going all the way in acting on it, the two of them would achieve everything they set out to accomplish and then some….all from a DREAM.

Today, I sit baffled as a man with no public service experience, no political experience, no concept of making politically based decisions has gained the electoral votes necessary to lead this country for the next four years. The man known as a business mogul – that has not always made the best business decisions, reality tv star, a man who publicly disrespected women, this government, constitution and all that this nation stands for is now responsible for this nation and its well-being for the next four years.

Some of you are probably reading now and like oh boy, another political post. You are probably thinking… oh no, not another politically rant about President Trump, but this is about more than just our current President. This post is about stating facts, and exploring the possibility that anything really is possible… You just have to believe in yourself.

In the last 8 years, we have experienced two men, both US citizens, both with notable varying backgrounds, both with wives and children, both in positions of power take two different approaches to get to the same destination – The Presidency. You had Obama take the “standard path” of holding public office, campaigning, building a political platform, making changes in his community, make a run for the office and win it, but had the “standard credentials” to get him there. Then you have Trump who took the “non-standard” new path as he was a business man, and reality star with no political experience, never made a political decision, who mocked communities and groups of people and spewed hate along the way, but still garnered enough electoral voters to make a run for the office to get him there, without “standard credentials”.

So what does this say…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

We have experiences like these every day where things happen that we question. And we don’t understand or agree with because it’s. It normal, or it didn’t follow the standard path. The beginning is just as important as the destination and the only thing that matters is where you finish. Things may not look how people tell us they should look. They may not function in a manner we are used to seeing them function. But as long as you have a goal, as long as you work towards that goal, and as long as you stick with that goal, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

All it takes is a dream, or a thought, or a feeling, and inkling. Whatever it is, stick with it, work it, be the best you can be, and it will happen. It’s possible.

What happens after the fact is just as important. If you get it, embrace it, foster it, challenge it, work it, BE GREAT AT IT.

There’s a huge world out there. There is support, there is hate, there is doubt, there are naysayers, there are those that just know they could do it better than you. It’s your moment in time. And you may never get it again. What are you going to do with your moment to make sure it’s truly a reflection of anything being possible.

So there is no standard path anymore. There are many ways to get to the same point and accomplish the same goals. It’s a matter of what you are going to do to get there. There are no excuses, no crutches, no setbacks, nothing that keeps you from having something if you want it.

It’s your life. It’s your vision. It’s your future. What do you want? What are you going to do to get it knowing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…..

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