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Life Lessons Learned During Adversity

In 2019, I was dragged in every aspect of my life. When I say dragged, I mean I was dragged mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially. I was drained to the point where I barely made it through the day without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and sometimes defeated. With the new year upon us, 365 days of unlimited opportunities are presented. A…

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We went on vacation to… PARIS, FRANCE

My family and I traveled to Paris, France last month and it was absolutely amazing. We went to celebrate my eldest nephew’s birthday, which also turned into a surprise wedding. Him and his then fiancee surprised everyone by getting married. (Congratulations to them two. May your marriage be blessed with many years of love and happiness.) Although it was cold,…

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My Reason for Meditating

At this season in my life, I have felt defeated, betrayed, depressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My life has been anything but a walk in the park lately, but I am still standing and slowly digging myself out of this mess. I credit majority of my mental health still being somewhat in tack to…

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