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Advice for First Time Parents

When asked for parenting advice, veteran parents often give advice about the best baby products, developing a routine, nursing, and other advice based around the wellness of baby. No one really tells you how this new cute cuddly bundle of joy takes a toll on your relationship with your wife or husband. When asked for our advice, my wife’s response…

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Potty Training Tips for the Working Mom

Potty training was a difficult phase of parenting for me. It started out pretty bad. (If you don’t know about our potty training experience, read The Ugly Side of Potty Training at your leisure. It’s very entertaining to say the least.) In the early stages, our family and friends told us about their potty training experiences. Some stories provided false hope of…

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Happy New Year – My 2017 Goals

The new year is full of opportunities to start fresh and achieve the goals you wanted to achieve last year, lay down the foundation to reach old/new goals, or review the goals you did achieve and work on the next level of your goals. Last year (2016), I took several leaps of faith (this blog being one of them). This year…

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