They deserve it so I am going to do it. Let us take a moment to celebrate the black mothers who are killing it with their #BlackMomMagic. Take a moment to celebrate the Angela Bassett’s, Taraji P. Hensons’s, Monica Brown’s, and we can’t forget the Michelle Obama’s. Take a moment to celebrate the mothers or mother figures, in our lives, who have worked hard or who are working hard at achieving their goals.  The ladies who made major sacrifices to make it in their lives, and to give us everything that we have in ours.

Let’s celebrate these women to show how honored we are to have them as examples in our lives, as women who made a way out of no way. The women who wake up every morning to accomplish their goals while raising one, two, three or even six children. And please do not forget to applaud yourself if you are a mother…. especially if you are a BLACK MOTHER.

Celebrate the Black Mother’s who are out here making a way out of no way while raising their children. Not giving up or letting their dream die! For the mother’s who refuse to become a statistic of social stereotypes which were/have been placed on us. Accomplishing goals, growing businesses, working hard to make ends meet, and still remaining very active in their child or children’s life/lives. To the mothers who are showing society we are more than our full lips, big butts, and thick thighs and don’t forget our Trap Music.

Mothers, regardless of your skin color, have several roles in their children’s lives. We are chefs, counselors, chauffeurs, doctors, nurses, kissers of boo boos, story tellers, teachers, checkers of homework, researchers, ATMs (lol), organizers, and the list can go on and on and on. We are schedulers, budget analysts, bakers, and even referees. And these are not the only roles we have as mothers; nobody has mentioned our careers or jobs which feed, clothe, and provide shelter for these beautiful beings. I guess you can say mothers are Project Managers.

However, black mothers are constantly scrutinized for our professional performance more than our co-workers of a different race or ethnicity. We are continuously proving to our colleagues that we can perform at equal or, (but more than likely),  higher level than the others. On top of proving ourselves in the workplace, we are also scrutinized for our parenting choices. Making choices as a parent is hard especially since your life isn’t the only life effected by those decisions. Making these decisions can, sometimes, have a mother second guessing herself. All mothers want their choices to have a positive or very little impact on their children. And they pray every day that those decisions aide in the child growing up to being the best law-abiding individual who operates at their highest potential. Because let’s be for real, when they see a black child killed in the streets or arrested, the first thing they say is, “where’s their parents? and why aren’t “they” parenting these children?”

Yes, we work hard to make sure our children do not become a statistic or a victim to the streets.

Do you feel the pressure of being a black mother yet? No. Well, I’ll keep explaining why we must celebrate #BlackMomMagic.

Society believes black mothers are single moms living in the “ghetto” collecting welfare checks raising the next purse snatcher or “thug.” Society doesn’t realize black mothers are breaking their backs to make sure they can provide a better life for their kids. And while it may seem like a lot of black mothers are on welfare, we are not the majority by far. No alternative facts here. Many black mothers are graduating with advance degrees while ensuring their children have the best education. Many black mothers are also going beyond the work sent home from the school to make sure their children are learning at the child’s current or higher grade level. Black mothers are starting businesses, at high rates, to give their children opportunities they may not have had growing up. Talk about accomplishing goals and making dreams a reality.

Moment of truth, any entrepreneur, whether male or female, knows starting and building a successful business takes a lot of work. Any college students knows obtaining a degree is hard work. So imagine the trials and tribulations black mothers are overcoming everyday as they build businesses or get advance degrees. They face the same struggles as any other mother who is trying to gain an advance degree or build a business? NO, they are facing more. According to society’s standards, the odds are already stacked against them. Black women aren’t suppose to succeed nor be equal or better than their counterparts. Why? Because we are ghetto, live below the poverty line, don’t read books to help us unless it’s an urban story, or not smart/ambitious enough to want more for themselves or their children. Meaning while, black mothers are proving society and naysayers wrong left and right. And luckily there are some examples of very ambitious women who not only inspire but also encourage other black mothers to keep pushing through the bullshit put on us by society, fellow coworkers, and other moms. These women are proving to society that they shouldn’t believe the hype aka the stereotypes and prejudices. TAnd that right there is #BLACKMOMMAGIC


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