Four Morning Hacks for Parents

Mornings can be a bit chaotic if you are not a morning person. Even worse, mornings can be chaotic if you are a parent that’s not a morning person. Oversleeping, hitting the snooze button and not preparing for the next day are all ingredients for a disastrous morning.

Moment of honesty. Before having the man child, I was an unorganized, hit the snooze button, sleep until the last possible minute, “it’s morning… oh no.. why me” type of person. But I quickly learned I couldn’t partake in the wait until the last minute to get up act anymore.  However, I still partake in the “it’s morning already… why is my alarm clock going off already” part. But sleeping to the very last minute never works for me. It definitely didn’t work when I had an infant with a hearty appetite for breastmilk combined with having to catch the train before the sun came up. So I quickly adopted some very simple habits to make our morning easier and reduce our stress as well.


You don’t need to over complicate a routine and simplicity is sometimes best to accomplish the task at hand. With that being said, here are my simple tips to improving your morning and reducing your stress as well.

1) Pack backpacks and bags for next day. As simple as it may seem, packing backpacks and bags the night before and putting them by the door helps with the running-around- finding-homework, wallets, car keys and whatever else you need to start your day. Everything, for the next day, should be placed in the backpack or bag with the exception of lunch bags. If possible, you should make sure car keys and wallets are in your bag for the next day as well.  Or at least somewhere you can see them. I, personally, make sure my little guy’s homework folder, my train pass, work phone, toddler’s nap time blanket, and anything needed for the next day is in the backpacks.

2) Finding outfits for the next day or maybe for the week. Put out their (your child/ren’s outfit) the night before. If you are feeling very adventurous, find outfits for the week on Sunday. I find his outfits for the week and place them in a drawer. (My wife purchased these from Walmart for a very affordable price.) Very similar to this clothing hack idea for chest drawers on Pinterest. Each drawer is labeled with a day of the week which makes it easy to grab an outfit in the morning. To make it a little easier, try to put together outfits for the week in each drawer. Including underwear and socks, it reduces the amount of time spent searching for an outfit in the morning.  I usually put together outfits while doing laundry. If your child or children wears uniforms, put the uniform along with their underclothes in each drawer. Also, putting the shoes in the spare drawer saves you time on searching for their shoes in the morning.

3) Pack breakfast and/or lunch. Pack the child/ren’s breakfast and lunch the night before as well as your breakfast and lunch. I know it can be a little exhausting, especially if you tired already from being an adult all day. But think about the amount of time save and not to mention less stress/chaos. When I pack our breakfast and lunch, I put cold items in the refrigerator stacked together. This makes it easier to pull in the morning no matter how late you may be running. Then, non-refrigerated items are placed in lunch bags such as juice, chips, apple sauce, bagels to name a few items. In the morning, you can put the refrigerated items in the lunch bags with the non-refrigerated items, throw them in the back packs (or grab it) and walk out of the door.

4) Get yourself ready for work. Don’t forget to get yourself ready for the next day, too. Often times, we are consumed with preparing others for the next day that we forget about ourselves. We have everyone packed and ready for the next day. Meanwhile, the shirt, which matches these slacks perfectly, is still in the dirty clothes. The car keys are in the kitchen and not in your purse or work bag and the match to your favorite pair of flats is no where in sight. And just like that your morning has gone from decent to terrible and chaotic in a matter of minutes. To avoid the feelings of rush and chaos, get yourself ready for the next too. At least you know your spanks or favorite shirt are in the dryer, which gives you time to decide to get them out the dryer or to change your outfit.  And should you be up for the challenge, set the coffee pot to brew at a specific time in the morning so you can pour, mix, stir, and go. No more rummaging through the closet finding an okay outfit for work when you have picked out, ironed, and hung up your “I somewhat got it together” outfit.

I hope my hacks help ease your morning anxiety and reduces your stress also. Now only if we can figure out how to get the toddler to keep his clothes and to stop moving a turtle speed in the morning.

Give these hacks a try to see if your morning rush is reduced and stress/anxiety is lowered for you. Leave your morning hacks in the comment section below. I can’t wait to read them and give them a try.


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