The Little Things…


Looking at the picture, it’s a picture of Elmo and KJ sleeping.  It’s deeper than that…

We took KJ to see Disney’s Moana today (EXCELLENT movie…we can discuss more later).  All three of us are sitting there eating our movie snacks waiting for the movie to start and a little girl and her mom and dad walk up and sit in the row in front of us.

The little girl gets up, walks up to me (I’m sitting on the end) and says “would he like to have my Elmo?  I want him to have it”.  Ash and I both paused and just looked at her.  KJ said “yes, I want Elmo”.  The little girl said “here you go he’s yours now”.  My eyes welled up.  I was overcome with so many emotions in that very moment.  I wanted to cry, but didn’t want her to see me cry.  I wanted to hug her.  I wanted to shout to the entire theater how amazing this beautiful little girl was in this selfless gesture she just made.  I asked her name and asked if I could shake her hand.  She told me her name and reached out her hand. I shook her hand and held it for a moment.  I fought back tears and just let her know that was a very amazing thing she just did.  Her parents also gave her a hug and said the same thing.

We watched the movie and I just kept getting choked up by her gesture (and the messages in the movie). A perfect stranger, a child at that just wanting to do a good deed and making another kid feel great, feel special in the moment.  The little girl couldn’t be more than 7.  All things lining up and my family and her family being in the right place at the right time to have that encounter.  For her to choose our son to make him feel special.  That really made me feel some kind of way and tugged at my heart.  KJ embraced Elmo like it was one of his toys from the house.  He laid in the chair watching the movie and cuddled with Elmo.  Of course, he didn’t last the whole movie and ended up falling asleep with Elmo in his arm. Right in front of us, the little girl also fell asleep!  It’s always interesting the view and innocence of a child, but how much perspective that can bring you.

After the movie, we saw the little girl and her mom.  Ash thanked her again and asked her and her mom if she could hug them and thank them.  They both said yes, and Ash hugged the little girl and her mom.  I walked ahead a bit as I was in tears again.  Just so full of so many emotions.

Many thoughts came from that encounter today.  One resonating the most is that there’s still hope in humanity, despite all the crazy we see and hear daily.  That there is so much that our children have to teach us, and offer us, just as we are teaching them things and offering them things daily.  That there’s still great people raising amazing children that will ultimately make a difference in our society.  That our children are watching us, and ultimately who they becomes depends on who we are as they are watching us.  That sometimes we have to remember the small things like giving, especially around this time of the year is what matters most.

Our family pays it forward all the time.   Our family always gives, all through the year.  We are so blessed and so fortunate, and it is very important for us to give and help as we can.  I think Ash and I both share the same sentiments after our encounter today, in that we can’t wait to make more people feel the way we did in that moment today.

It’s the little things…no matter how big it is, no matter how small it is, no matter how tough it is, no matter how easy it is…It’s the little things.

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